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I approach every pressure washing, roof cleaning and gutter cleaning job with the same commitment to quality. If you reach out for an estimate, I promise to offer a fair price and to do the work to the highest standard. I love what I do and my goal is a completely power wash moss: satisfied customer. - Susan W. The Adams Approach - Roof Moss, Removal 5334 Northeast 49th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97218 Need Help?Give Us A Call You can use the same methods to remove moss as you can to clean a red brick patio. Simply get the bricks wet and apply your cleaning solution. When you pressure wash the patio or use a scrub brush, you will be able to wash the salts away as well as moss, oils, and dust. I agree with BC. I live in Seattle. Lots of moss. Broom off the large stuff as able from top down, careful as slick to walk. Go to Lowes or Feddies, etc. and get Moss be gone. Follow directions and let it do the work.

crystal commercial cleaning

We are a solutions-driven company and our well-trained staff is prepared to meet your needs. We look for long-term relations a lot of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years. References are available, upon request. Our goals are simple, to serve you with the following:

  • Chairs, tables and booths
  • Restrooms
  • Floors
  • Doors,, windows and blinds
  • Light fixture, bulb, air vents ceiling fans and air filter
  • Empty trash
  • Polishing of brass, copper etc.
  • Reception desk and service stations
  • Break room
  • Polish stainless steel sinks
  • Dust/wipe down refrigerator
  • Clean microwave inside and outside
  • Wipe down tables/chairs
  • Sweep/mop floors or vacuum
  • Organize chairs

We take our job very seriously. Dusting and removing allergens from the office, making sure storerooms and wash rooms have been properly cleaned and disinfected, floors are cleaned and trash is properly disposed off, are necessary for a fresh and healthy workplace. All this we will do for you.

pole fed window cleaning

The process involves a chemical and electrical process called de-ionization di, it’s the key to pure water cleaning, electrically removing the dissolved solids turns the water into a safe, yet effective cleaning agent. The equipment for a, Water Fed Pole System can be purchased separately and put together based on your needs and requirements. To see how I personally set up my system, check out my video Water Fed Pole Modification for Professional Window Cleaning. * Required Fields A water fed pole fed window cleaning system used correctly will leave a window spotless. We are the only stockist of these fantastic window cleaning poles in the UK for the domestic market place. Constructed of high-quality durable aluminium, all our telescopic window cleaning brushes come with a top-quality brush head and male connector fit for any garden hose.



pole fed window cleaning
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